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A deep dive into what your spirit is yearning to create, build and achieve throughout this powerful lifetime


You will receive

1 x 30 Minute Youtube video sent as an unlisted link that only you & I can access


2 x Youtube video links to channelled songs as extra messages about your career

$60.00 AUD

Does your career feel a bit overwhelming at times?
Are you searching for something that feels a little more "fulfilling"?
Or do you just need a BOOST of passion, a little realignment or an entire career CLEANSE!?

This spread is designed to bring practical guidance for wherever you're currently at on your career journey. It doesn't matter whether you have a thriving life's work, you've got not clue what you're going to do next or you're just plain bored with doing the same old thing day in and day out, this reading will bring you exactly what it is that you need 

The aim is to help guide you into the clear, conscious acceptance of what your soul already knows to be true.
That you came here to do something uniquely fulfilling to you. And by fulfilling yourself through LOVING your daily work, you not only honour yourself, your needs and your souls purpose but you also honour, inspire and fufill all of the people surrounding you as well

This reading will provide you with practical advice and spiritual guidance on how you can best go about achieving the inner fufilment and outer success that you truly deserve in this lifetime
(please keep in mind that nothing is ever set in stone and what fulfils you at this point in time may not fulfil you during another. Change is the only constant - I recommend the astrological career reading if you want to get more specific and go even deeper into your career purpose)

* Please provide me with any relevant information in regards to your career that you would like for me to explore throughout the duration of your read. If you do not ask about it, don't expect to receive clarity about it my love

* Also Note - If you are already clear on your career purpose, this reading can be used to answer questions, further explore your options/potentials and to check out the energy of your finances ect it's up to you!

Please don't forget to let me know any career questions you have or info you would like me to know before the reading.
You can enter your details here or
Shoot me an email once you've made your booking at

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