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Words of gentle nourishment, love and inspiration from the beings you adore


Ancestors & loved ones


Angels, spirit guides & galactic beings


Higher self, Inner child, Inner teenager or shadow 

You will receive

1 x 3+ page  completely personalised Ebook style pdf document 
(everything about this mini ebook is channelled including the design, colours & artwork I use)

2 x Youtube video links to channelled songs 

$55.55 AUD

A love letter from your spiritual family. An ode to the beauty and the brilliance that is you from the guides and beings you love.

This reading is a powerful portal for deep connection to your spirit guides, ancestral family and subconscious aspects of your being. It acts as a direct message from your spiritual team. They will bring forth whatever words of encouragement, clarity and confirmation you need to hear right now in order to support you on your current path.


Essentially, it will feel like a sweet little love letter to your soul

(keep in mind that in some instances there could be a little bit of tough love too lol)


Please email me (or enter your details here) with your choice of reading. I encourage you to also include whether you have any specific topics, questions or even a particular entity you would like to connect with during your reading in your form or email beforehand

Please don't forget to let me know whether have any questions or info you would like to share beforehand 
You can enter your details here or
shoot me an email once you've made your booking at

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