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Words of gentle nourishment, love and inspiration that you can hold onto forever


A channelled love letter from your Ancestors & passed loved ones


A channelled love letter from your Angels, spirit guides & the Celestials 
(Planets, Asteroids and illuminaries)


A channelled love letter from your Higher self, inner child, inner teenager & future self 

You will receive

1 x 3 page (approx 1500 words) completely personalised Ebook style pdf document 
(everything about this little mini ebook is channelled specifically for you including the design, colours & artwork I use)


3 x Youtube video links to channelled songs as extra little messages of love from your guides

$55.55 AUD

A love letter from your Ancestors, spiritual family, the Planets or your beautiful inner SELF!

An ode to the beauty and the brilliance that is you from the benevolent, loving guides and beings that you love

This reading is a powerful portal for deep connection with the Planets, to your spirit guides, ancestral family and subconscious aspects of your own self.  It acts as a direct message from your spiritual team. They will bring forth whatever words of encouragement, clarity and confirmation you need to hear right now in order to support you on your current path


Essentially, it's a sweet little love letter to your soul that you can hold onto and keep forever

(please keep in mind that in some instances there could be a little bit of tough love too lol)


Please let me know your choice of which channelled reading out of the three options you would like to receive when entering your details at checkout. I encourage you to also include whether you have any specific topics, a question or even a particular energy or entity you would like for me to connect with during your reading

*keep in mind that I will only ever connect with or allow higher dimensional beings into my space that are of the highest benevolence, truth, love, grace, guidance and integrity - if I am unfamiliar with a being you would like me to connect with I will ask permission and if its not granted or if the energy is uncomfortable or negative for me I will not connect with that enity and we can organise another message from another - more aligned space

By clicking the booking & payment options you acknowledge that you have read and understood the disclaimer provided at the footer of this page. You understand that no results are guaranteed and refunds are not available under any circumstance. Thank you

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