"A profound exploration through your enquiry with crystal clear, honest & constructive spiritual guidance that comes directly from the heart"

Up to 3 Questions 

1x Youtube Video sent to you directly as an Unlisted link that only you & I can access

This reading is perfect for when you're in need of a super in depth, highly detailed exploration into your enquiry with spiritual, as well as practical guidance on how you can best navigate through your journey with a focus on how you can live your best life physically as the healthiest, happiest & highest version of you!

This is designed to go as deep as possible with all aspects of your being and particularly with your higher self & spiritual team in order to inspire as much healing, self love & self acceptance as is possible for you at this time and to act as a powerful activation to your soul

I will pull as many Tarot cards, alongside Oracle cards as I intuitively feel called, to gain as much insight into your situation as possible and to offer you as much clarity, advice and guidance as I can in regards to your specific topic, question or energy

No topic is off limits in my readings, be it love, career, finances, spirituality or anything in between! Whatever it is that your in need of a little bit of clarity & guidance on my friend, I am here


This reading is also perfect for an intuitive vibe check in with your energy + spiritual guidance if you don't necessarily have a particular question your wanting to ask

This reading will be done remotely via a video recording where the video will showcase my face as I show & talk to you about the cards that present themselves to me as well the vibes & messages I feel from your energy. Once your reading is recorded I will Email you with the unlisted Youtube video link via the Email address you have provided 

You will also receive a Youtube video link to a channelled song that spirit/your guides have chosen just for you & your current question or situation!!

Once you have purchased your reading through the "Book Now" button PLEASE Email me with your question or topic


Even if you don't have a specific question I ask that you still Email me as I can't send a reading to an email address I don't have....

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I also ask that when purchasing a reading please make sure that the name used when making your payment and the name provided in your Email are matching! Alternatively you can send through a screen shot or copy of your payment receipt. Thankyou!


Thankyou for being here as we co-create Heaven on Earth together!
Its time we rise into the highest, happiest & healthiest versions of ourselves in this lifetime!

There is no point existing on this planet as ANYTHING LESS


We are ready to do the inner work so that we may truly TAKE OUR POWER BACK!!

Once & for all

Thankyou for choosing yourself as we move through this incredibly powerful shift in human consciousness