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"A reading designed to re-activate the connection between you and the voice of your own spirit" 


You will receive

1 x Youtube Video sent as an Unlisted link that only you & I can access

2 x Youtube video links to channelled songs chosen as inspiration for you by your higher self

1 x special extra


Have you been feeling a little disconnected and out of sorts with yourself recently?

Don't worry love, you're not alone. The past 3 years have been extremely difficult for the entire human collective and it's only natural to be feeling a little run down after all the craziness that has been life on planet Earth since 2019...

Now this read is ALOT more than just your typical Tarot reading, it is a powerful SOUL ACTIVATION and initiation for your physical vessel to re-connect in with your highest spiritual essence once again...

Basically we are calling on your 
higher dang self to come work some magick in your life!

As a 6th house Pisces Sun conjunct Saturn I have the powerful ability to bring the spiritual, the mystical and the other worldly into everyday physical reality. One of my missions on Earth is to act as a powerful bridge between the heavens and the Earth and I will remind and re-activate within you the connection between your physical & your higher selves once again, in turn honouring both aspects of you and helping you to manifest your dreams, goals & ideas into everyday physical reality

This activation is more than. just a reading...this video acts as a magick freaking PORTAL into the realms of your magnificence!

This reading is designed to help you truly feel at peace with yourself, with where you're at and with the skin that you're in once again

This 'Higher self activation" acts as both a phsychic reading and a small ceremony for your higher selfs sovereign re-integration back into the physical body
* Live activation ceremony readings will be available soon 

* If there is anything in particular (topics, beliefs, traumas, questions, ideas ect) you would like to explore throughout the reading you are welcome to include any information within the initial booking email you send to me and we will explore this throughout our time

This reading will be done remotely via a video recording where the video will showcase my face as I show & talk to you about the cards that present themselves to me. Once your reading has been recorded I will Email you with the unlisted Youtube video link via the Email address you have provided for me. 

Readings will be delivered within 2-5 business days of purchase depending on my schedule

You will also receive a Youtube video link to two channelled songs that your higher self has chosen to act as extra inspiration/guidance for you

Please don't forget to email me your question/topic otherwise I can't do the reading for you my love!
I can't send a reading to an email address I don't have.
Shoot me an email once you've made your booking at

Schedule your live reading here

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