Saturn Return Chart Reading

A significant & profoundly important chart exploring the impact your Saturn return will have on the maturation, growth, legacy & foundation of your soul as you grow and transform into the next stages of your life. Your Saturn return begins when transiting Saturn returns to the same sign & house it was in at the time of your birth, this typically occurs at around 27-31, 56-60 & 84-90 Years of age


$120 AUD

So the time has finally come my friend...

Your going through your Saturn return

dun...dun...dun...(que intense music)

This reading will be a detailed exploration as to how father Saturn will be affecting you over the coming years of this transit with vital information as to how you will be maturing during this powerful coming of age with added tips & guidance on how you can best work alongside this energy rather than against it in order to align with your souls highest timeline

Moving through ones Saturn return can be a very difficult period in a persons life. We can often find ourselves becoming lost, dazed & confused in life with things just not "clicking" the way they used to. This is because Saturn is calling you into the next phase of your physical, emotional & psychological maturation my friend.
Saturn teaches us harsh lessons over time and alot of us unwittingly choose to experience these lessons "the hard way" when we first begin to move through our "Saturn return"

Understanding the sign, the house & any aspects you have in regards to your natal Saturn placement can prove to be a powerful tool when navigating through these energies both as a preventative measure & tool for growth    

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