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Your Astrological career path & purpose

 Having trouble choosing a career path that feels truly RIGHT for you?
This reading is designed to help uncover the best possible path for you that not only pays the bills but also energises your spirit,  activates your heart and fulfil your souls purpose in this lifetime


You will receive

1 x 30 Minute Youtube video sent as an unlisted link that only you & I can access


1 x 45 Minute scheduled live Zoom call reading
(includes Tarot)


2 x Youtube video links to channelled songs as extra messages about your career

Pre recorded video: $85.00 AUD - Live Zoom call: $145.00 AUD

Has finding the right career path felt like a bit of a pain in the ass for you in this lifetime? (I feel ya buddy)


Are you struggling to choose something that brings you joy rather than stress? As though you’ve been moving through job after job and yet nothing ever seems to fit quite right? 


Maybe you even feel in your soul that you’re called towards a certain path, like you have a specific mission to fulfil on Earth but you are looking for confirmation of your potential?


This reading is designed to bring to you as much clarity, grace and understanding to you as possible in regards to the legacy you are here to leave on this planet


What lights you up?


They say that when you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life…


This reading is designed to help you figure out how to actually freaking DO THAT!

My intention is to guide you in the creation of a life that feels truly fulfilling. Working a job that feels nourishing to the sweetness of your soul so that you no longer feel as though your precious time is being wasted but rather as though it is being UTILISED to your highest & fullest potential


We were never meant to spend our days slaving away to jobs, to a system or to a life that doesn’t feel healthy for our mind, our bodies or our spirit. We came here to create with purpose, we came here to express ourselves as the powerfully unique, magical & divinely gifted beings that we truly are. Yet unfortunately so many of us become stifled & stuck in jobs we don't like, giving our energy away to situations that pay our bills but that also deplete our spirit & our energy


The intention behind this reading is to activate within your being, deep soul memories & recognition of who you came here to be in this lifetime, of what you came here "achieve" and what you can spend your days doing here in order to experience true fulfilment within your human experience


A career path that is truly aligned with the knowing of your spirit is about ALOT more than just the money. Money is a tool in life but it’s not the end goal. Spending our days in joy, love, harmony, bliss & contentment is the ultimate goal (I believe!) and this reading is a powerful opportunity to gain a crystal clear understanding of how you can best experience what that might look and feel like for you in this life 

* Please note that if you already LOVE the sh*t out of your career, then this reading can be used to further explore your potential, opportunities you might like to explore and any shifts that may be occuring for you internally  & externally + we can delve into anything career wise you would like to explore, just shoot me a question! I consult both your natal & progressed charts as well as our current transits to conduct this reading 

Are you ready to finally follow your true purpose?

You’ve been waiting long enough my friend...

The time for you to shine and to love every one of your days on Earth is right freaking NOW 

I look forward to reading for you beloved

* Live readings - your info will be taken at purchase 

* Recorded readings - 
Please don't forget to give me your birth details and your email address otherwise I can't do the reading for you my love!
You can enter your details here or shoot me an email at

Chart Reading Delivery

My chart readings will be delivered within 14 days of purchase (with some charts often being delivered much faster, depending on the current workload I have at the time)

Please be patient with me as I spend alot of time on each reading that I do. I am thorough and committed to delivering to to you the best reading possible in order to bring about your greatest results. This takes a lot of time & dedication to each person on my part. If I need more time to deliver your reading to you, you will be notified ASAP. 

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. I truly appreciate your love & support


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