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Understanding your relationships chart

Are you looking for the secret sauce that will finally help your relationships THRIVE!?
 have you simply had enough of patterns constantly seeming to repeat themselves?
 Understanding how your energy is designed to work in relationship to others can be life CHANGING to say the least...Becoming clear on how you show up in connection with others can bring great satisfaction as we learn to work best with our own energy and the energy of those around us. This reading is a profound opportunity for you to explore your partnerships in this lifetime and how they typically manifest for you as well as who your ideal type of romantic partner could potentially be

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You will receive

1x 30 min unlisted Youtube video recording


1 x 45+ min 
unlisted Youtube video recording (Astrology + Tarot) sent via Email


 3 x Youtube video links to channelled songs as extra messages about your relationships

$85.00 AUD - $115.00 with Tarot

Do you keep attracting the same kinds of people and relationships into your life over & over again?

Are you curious as to who your “perfect” or “ideal” partner could be?

Or are you maybe just eager to explore a little deeper into how you relate to other people in this lifetime? 


This reading is an exciting opportunity for you to gain an intimate understanding of yourself, the kinds of people you are subconsciously drawn to, the issues you may have surrounding partnerships and any other information that comes up whilst investigating your birth chart in order for you to gain a clear insight as to the type of person you are attracted to and what you need in order to be satisfied in all of your relationships with an emphasis on romantic connections


In this reading I will be taking a look at your natal & progressed Venus signs & houses, the asteroid Juno, your 7th house and any other placements or aspects between other planets that could be affecting you and your experience in relationships (everyones chart is entirely different - different placements will stand out for different people in different charts so please take this with a grain of salt

I use my unique understanding of astrology as well as my strong intuition throughout all of my readings in order to bring you the most genuine, authentic and detailed reading possible

My readings are designed to remind you of how truly magnificent you already are and are to guide you back home in the sovereign reclamation of experiencing yourself as all that you can truly be in this important lifetime

Please don't forget to give me your birth details, your email address & any questions or info you have about your relationships otherwise I can't do the reading for you my love! 
You can enter your details here OR shoot me an email at

Chart Reading Delivery

My chart readings will be delivered within 14 days of purchase (with some charts often being delivered much faster, depending on the current workload I have at the time)

Please be patient with me as I spend alot of time on each reading that I do. I am thorough and committed to delivering to to you the best reading possible in order to bring about your greatest results. This takes a lot of time & dedication to each person on my part. If I need more time to deliver your reading to you, you will be notified ASAP. 

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. I truly appreciate your love & support


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