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Understanding your dark side - Shadow reading

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your own shadow?
It's like you know it's there. You can feel it, but you're not entirely sure of how to go about working WITH it in order to heal, balance and restore your energy?
This reading is designed to bring clarity to your darkness so that its energy will no longer manifest as chaos in your life but instead will act as a powerful portal in accessing your deepest hidden POWER and STRENGTH


You will receive

1x 30 min unlisted Youtube video recording


1 x 45+ min 
unlisted Youtube video recording (Astrology + Tarot) sent via Email


3 x Youtube video links to channelled songs as extra messages about your shadow

$85.00 AUD - $115.00 with Tarot

Shadow work has the potential to change lives y'all


There are alot of folks in the spiritual community (and I'll admit that I used to believe this too...cringe) who convince us that focusing on and giving any attention to negativity and our darkness brings only more negativity and darkness toward us. We are taught that by paying attention to and by focusing on our pain and the things that we don't like we are only creating more and more things to be upset about... 

Now whilst the law of attraction IS one of the most fundamental laws in the universe and where you place your attention really does matter, alot of people are misguided in their belief that by simply ignoring their shadow its energy won't bother you and that the struggles it causes eventually will just go away on their own....

They won't. The only way out is through and if you want to truly attract and create the life of your dreams, you must deal with the shadows and the subconscious issues that are already consistently holding you back

It's only once you face the parts of yourself that make you uncomfortable that you truly become free

Have you ever wondered why for some of us, no matter how positive our thinking is we just can't seem to manifest what we really want?

The shadows lurking within your subconscious may have the answer...

This reading offers a unique opportunity into understanding yourself and your shadows from an alternative perspective. Your Pluto, Lillith & sometimes Saturn placements are the areas of your chart where darkness lingers and where the mystery of your shadows lie but they are also the areas that hold great power and potential once you've learned to harness the intensity of their energy. In this reading I will explain to you exactly how astrologically your shadow manifests, how it holds you back and also how you can work on actively healing and working alongside it in order to turn that anger and darkness into a sacred power source of divine love

This reading will help you move through any fear or judgement you have around the shadows that live within you and instead offers a sacred opportunity for self empowerment 

I use my unique understanding of astrology as well as my strong intuition throughout all of my readings in order to bring you the most genuine, authentic and detailed reading possible

My readings are designed to remind you of how truly magnificent you already are and are to guide you back home in the sovereign reclamation of experiencing yourself as all that you can truly be in this important lifetime

I look forward to connecting with you my friend

Please don't forget to give me your birth details, your email address & any questions or info you have about your shadow otherwise I can't do the reading for you my love! 
You can enter your details here OR shoot me an email at

Chart Reading Delivery

My chart readings will be delivered within 14 days of purchase (with some charts often being delivered much faster, depending on the current workload I have at the time)

Please be patient with me as I spend alot of time on each reading that I do. I am thorough and committed to delivering to to you the best reading possible in order to bring about your greatest results. This takes a lot of time & dedication to each person on my part. If I need more time to deliver your reading to you, you will be notified ASAP. 

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. I truly appreciate your love & support


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