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This reading is for when you're ready to go super deep on a few different topics or questions. It is designed to get right to the roots and essence of your question

This will be a highly in depth exploration into your energy with a shit ton of practical guidance to help you navigate whatever it is that you're going through

The aim of this reading is to get right to the roots of your questions - No holding back. 
We are going to go DEEP... 

All of my readings are designed to help guide you into your greatest joy - whatever that looks like for you.
I want to leave you feeling stronger than ever, inspired and so f*cking in LOVE WITH YOUR RADIANT ASS SELF MY FRIEND!

I am here to remind you of how beautifully magnificent you already are and I'm here to help guide you into the embodied experience of living PHYSICALLY into your highest truth and fullest potential

60 Minute Video recording

SKU: 0603199503
  • No refunds

  • Your reading will be delivered within 1-5 business days

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