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Take a look into the emotional energy surrounding your current Lunar month, the last month you had, and the energy of the next month coming for a comprehensive Astrological overview of exactly what it is that you're currently experiencing 


This reading will involve three Lunar return charts and a quick overview of your Solar return chart in order to tie your Lunar returns into the overall energy of your entire YEAR

This will include the lunar return cycle you have just moved out of (the energy of your previous month), the cycle you are currently in (the energy if your current month) and your next upcoming cycle (the energy of the next month coming)

Understanding the energy of the lunar return cycles in your chart can truly help set one up for expanded levels of peace, success & opportunity through offering insight, clarity and awareness to your cyclic, emotional nature. By taking a look into the energy of ones Lunar returns a powerful ability to understand the deeper meanings and reasonings as to why certain events, circumstances or experiences are being drawn to you at any given time become known to our awareness. Our moon sign is how we relate to ourselves and others emotionally. Preparing ourselves monthly for the energy that we know is coming in will always, unconditionally set us up for profound success because awareness offers us the ability to experience true spiritual and emotional growth, freedom, connection and commitment. By understanding our own cycles and patterns we are more easily able to feel at peace and comforted - even in the wild unpredictability of this world

Pre recorded Lunar returns chart reading

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