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The intention behind this reading is to help you gain a broader, clearer,  more intimate and expansive understanding of yourself, your potential and the meaning behind your astrological placements and how they may express themselves in your reality. There is still so much we can explore and discover within your chart, even if you don’t have the exact moment of your birth

This reading will be a thorough enquiry into who you are at your core, how you can best navigate this human experience, what obstacles & challenges may arise for you, your karmic lessons and what your ultimate direction to find the most peace, joy and fulfilment in life actually is. It is designed to bring you into greater balance, harmony & inner peace within yourself as you come to terms with who you are and who you came here to be on this planet during this MONUMENTAL shift in human consciousness

Pre recorded no birth time chart reading

SKU: 0603199507
  • No refunds

  • Your reading will be deliverted within 2-10 business days

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