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Got a question about your birth chart you've been pondering?

Maybe you've noticed a particular placement seems to have a bigger impact in your world than others and you want to understand why?

Could it be that a current transit seems to be wreacking havoc in your daily life and your in need of some answers? 

Or do you have an important date coming up and you simply want to check out the energy surrounding it?

This reading is a great opportunity to gain clarity about your current transits, anything important you have coming up or to simply gain a little more insight into any of your natal placements

The topic of this reading is entirely up to you my friend! You can ask me anything Astrologically that you like!

If a certain area of life is feeling particularly off balance but you're unsure of anything that could be happening astrologically (or if your just seeking some insight into that particular area of life in general) there is also the option to let me know the topic you want to cover, i.e the area of life you're enquiring about and any other information that you would like to share with me and I will thoroughly investigate that area of your chart to bring as much clarity & insight to you & your current circumstances as possible

* Unfortunately this reading will work best with the knowledge of your exact birth time however if that is unknown I will do my best to still gain as much clarity & insight for you as possible with what I can

Pre recorded Questions & transits reading

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  • Your reading will be delivered within 3-7 business days

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