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It's New Years again, but this time it's just for you!
Congratulations on completing another lap around the sun! It's time to use the energy of your Solar return to fuel you for the year ahead

Your Solar return chart brings powerful insight into the energies, themes & potential experiences you may encounter throughout the next year from the moment our transiting Sun returns to the same space in which it occupied during the moment of your birth... 

It is a powerful moment of activation where you are once again infused with all of the powerful potential your natal Sun sign blessed you with at birth...

This chart reading can be extraordinarily helpful to those seeking understanding & discernment for the ways in which to spend their year ahead. We will be considering your whole chart whilst paying particular attention to your Sun & any aspects that will be affecting you with an emphasis on how you can best utilise this strong solar energy for your highest good throughout the year

I will also explain any important dates that may arise for you throughout the year. It offers an opportunity to gain a comprehensive overview & understanding as to what you can expect over this next coming chapter and how you can use the energy for your greatest benefit 

Pre recorded Solar return chart reading

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  • Your reading will be delivered within 2-7 business days

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