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Are you sitting here wondering what the actual F*CK your "12 Houses" are?

Essentially your houses explain the different areas of life that make up the human experience and the signs and planets that rule over them explain the energy/vibe that you have projecting into that arena 

This reading is a compelling analysis of all areas in your life and the energy that you have surrounding each of them. It provides a powerful opportunity for you to begin learning how to best understand, harness, master & navigate your own energy in order to be of the highest benefit for yourself and others throughout this lifetime (please note that as your chart progresses - see progressed charts - your rising sign & therefore house rulerships will slowly progress and change too)

 * Please also note that this reading requires you to have your exact birth time

I use my unique understanding of astrology as well as my strong intuition throughout all of my readings in order to bring you the most genuine, authentic and detailed reading possible
* For the most accurate chart interpretation I highly recommend scheduling a live call so that we can discuss your chart together in real time

Pre recorded Your 12 houses chart reading

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  • No refunds

  • Your reading will be delivered 3-7 bsuiness days 

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