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Are you ready to explore your darkness, your wounds & the places within that feel the most vulnerable in order to fully liberate yourself into the light my friend?

If you're here on this page then something tells me that you are 

This reading will be taking a detailed look into your entire birth chart in order to gain a powerful understanding of exactly where you need love, acceptance, awareness & self forgiveness 


This reading offers an opportunity to understand yourself and your shadows from a unique celestial perspective. Your Pluto, Lillith & Saturn placements are just some of the areas of your chart where the mystery of your shadows lie - yet they are also the areas that hold our greatest power and potential once you've learned to harness and master the intensity of their energy. 

In this reading I will explain to you exactly how astrologically your shadow manifests, how it may hold you back and also how you can work on actively healing and working with it in order to turn that anger and darkness into a sacred power source of divine love

This reading will help you move through any fear or judgement you have around the shadows that live within you and instead offers a sacred opportunity for self empowerment 



 This reading goes really deeeeeep and is designed to bring your sadness & shadows out from the darkness and into the light...


This reading IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR THERAPY. I am NOT a therapist and if you are someone processing deep trauma then I recommend you DO NOT purchase this reading until you know that you are 100% ready to receive the messages. Some aspects of this reading could be extremely triggering to you. Please seek professional help and support before you seek help from the spiritual community

*My readings are only ever for entertainment purposes only*


However, with that all being said, it is my sincere belief that when we finally turn towards and actively FACE, FORGIVE and ACCEPT the parts of ourselves that are hurt, struggling and that feel wounded, we learn to transmute that pain and turn it into an extreme sense of personal freedom, sovereignty and empowerment


Healing takes work that you must be prepared to physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually put in for yourself on a daily basis... 


It isn't easy but I promise that it will be worth it - the fact that you are considering this reading is a testament to how far you've already come on your journey beloved

Genuine healing & soul retrieval doesn't happen overnight, it takes time, love, patience, awareness, devotion and dedication to you and your unique healing process

But it also takes knowing yourself...truly knowing yourself 

And it takes deep love & recognition for yourself and the human journey that you are on


When you truly devote yourself to your personal healing journey and you acknowledge the spaces within you that have been wounded you begin turning that pain into deep loving self awareness and genuine forgiveness.


You WILL heal - in time - it's just a matter of when

May this reading act as a powerful gift of clarity, truth & solace in the moments where it is most needed

Thank you for trusting me and for choosing yourself beloved...

Pre recorded Shadow Alchemy chart reading

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