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A brief explanation about the depth, power and potential of your BIG 3 Astrological placements! 

Your natal Sun, Moon and ascendant/rising sign

This reading offers a fresh perspective on who you are as a soul and how your unique personality expresses it's divine energy out into the world

It will include practical advice & guidance on how you can best learn to nurture, love, navigate and take care of yourself in this lifetime using your big 3 Astrological placements. This reading offers brief, yet profound guidance on who TF you truly came here to BE in this lifetime my friend...

No holding back

This reading is perfect for beginners who are new to understanding themselves through Astrology as well as for those who are a little more experienced but are still open minded & curious to explore more about themselves from a unique perspective

Understanding your big 3 Audio recording

SKU: 0603199505
  • No refunds

  • Your reading will be delivered within 2-7 business days

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