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Welcome Beautiful soul!

I am Crystal the Crystalline Priestess

Intuitive Tarot reader, Astrology student and Shadow Alchemist

I offer super down to Earth and practical AF intuitive Tarot and Astrology readings that are designed to help you step into the innate power of your natural blueprint - inspiring you to truly master your  unique MAGICK  in this lifetime 

Here to guide you in the activation of your souls sovereign blueprint

About  Crystalline Priestess

Crystal is an intuitive Tarot reader, cosmic and celestial channel, practicing Astrology student, nature Witch, & cyclic centred Yogini. She serves as a powerful High Priestess with a passion for helping her clients build an embodied, ORGASMIC life that feels truly aligned to the core

All of her readings are dedicated to inspiring her clients toward reaching their souls highest potential in this lifetime. Crystal is devoted to helping each and every human she encounters to create an authentic, beautiful life full of freedom, love, joy, self empowerment, spiritual connection & sovereignty

* In whatever way that looks and feels to you personally - such is the beauty of our individuality


Basically, she is here to help you figure out what the f*ck you actually need to do in order to ABSOLUTELY F*CKING THRIVE my friend

After 10 years of deeply passionate, embodied and integrative study within a diverse range of spiritual practices, techniques & modalities - ranging from Eastern Yogic philosophy & practice, to her study of the stars through the lens of Western Tropical Astrology, Crystal has navigated through many tough cycles during her own deeply transformative spiritual journey, which in doing so has taught her to powerfully understand & embody the true healing powers that lie within genuine, loving self acceptance, faith, trust and connection to Source

As a result, Crystal has spent years cultivating her own exclusive, personal, creative healing/reading style, blending intuitive Tarot, Oracle & Astrological readings, Magick, Manifestation techniques, Yogic teachings, Divine feminine healing methods & Embodiment practices alongside one another in order to help in healing her clients whilst sharing the extensive spiritual knowledge she has obtained throughout her journey in her own unique way

Crystals content & readings emphasise the importance of learning to trust within the wisdom of your own Divine soul, inspiring & guiding you through the inner work that needs to be done in order for your heart to come home to the beautiful radiance of your naturally whole & complete self 

Crystals readings act as deeply subconscious spiritual activations and have been known to blow the minds of her clients with the accuracy, intricacy and level of spiritual understanding she naturally delivers

Get ready for truth bombs...

Crystal is completely herself when when she works 1:1 with clients, which is extremely refreshing in a world obsessed with appearances

Crystal OWNS her own unique connection to spirit, her weirdness, she embraces her individuality and changes herself for no-one which in turn gives permission for others to do the same

Crystal is an extraordinarily spiritually gifted & highly intuitive healer who is dedicated to inspiring and activating the innate divine feminine sovereign key code wisdom that lies within all people, and is particularly dedicated to helping remind & activate those whose tender hearts are requiring a little more love, care and support as they move through a tough, difficult or painful period in their lives

 Personal power, healing & sovereignty are her passions with the intention for every reading she gives to empower her clients into feeling spiritually grounded, inspired, activated & connected into the divine, powerful Magick of their own destiny  


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Coming May 2023


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