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Guiding revolutionary souls in activating their Divine blueprint and learning to master their MAGICK

About Crystal


Eternal Student of Evolutionary Astrology & Intuitive Tarot reader

Readings that remind you of how truly magnificent you already are

Crystal is an intuitive Tarot reader, cosmic and celestial channel, practicing Astrology student with The Leo King Elite Astrology school, a nature Witch, Artist & cyclic centred Yogini. She serves as a powerful High Priestess with a passion for helping her clients build an embodied & ORGASMIC life that feels truly aligned to the core. She believes that through understanding the messages spirit has for us through the language of the celestials people can become truly empowered in their lives and can find the confidence they need to step into the true power of their souls destiny


After 12 years of deeply passionate and integrative study within a diverse range of spiritual practices, techniques & modalities - ranging from Eastern Yogic philosophy & practice, to her study of the stars through the lens of Western Tropical Astrology. Crystal has navigated through many tough cycles during her own deeply transformative spiritual journey

and as a result, has spent years learning, healing with and cultivating her own exclusive, personal, healing/reading style in order to help serve & guide her clients into becoming their healthiest, happiest and most aligned versions of themselves


Blending intuitive Tarot, Oracle & Astrological

readings - the restoration of her clients personal power & sovereignty through reclaiming the innate MAGICK of their own souls unique, divine blueprint are her deepest passions with the intention for every reading she gives to empower her clients into feeling genuinely connected with and inspired by their own sense of personal power, purpose and potential in this life

Crystals readings act as deeply subconscious 

spiritual soul activations and are not for the faint hearted


Book yours today and find out...

A little bit of client love

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"Cryingggg 😭💗🦋🔮🕊

Needed that wow thank you!!! 🙏🏽💫

You are a true gift on this Earth my dear friend!!! 🌏🌈🌸

— Emily, M


“I was so taken back by her accuracy and her insight!! She gave me so much clarity and validation AND helped me to trust my own feelings..."

— Stella


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I  can't wait to connect with you my friend!

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