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Frequently asked Questions

How long will it take for me to receive my Tarot reading?

Do you do predictions?

Tarot readings will be sent within 1-3 Business days after your Email & payment have been received. If any changes or delays occur on my end, you will be notified ASAP

I try to get your reading to you as quickly as possible but please keep in mind time zone differences & bookings made on weekends will have a slower turnaround

How many questions can I ask during a reading & do I have to ask a question at all?

Each readings booking page has the number of Questions you may ask per reading specified at the top of the page.

No more than the specified amount of questions for the reading you've selected may be asked.

I answer your questions thoroughly.

There is no need to ask more questions than you feel you have, even if you have more questions available. The less questions you ask, the more in depth we can go into each subject AND, if you don't have a particular question in mind that is no problem!

I will allow our guides intuitively  guide me through an energetic check in or your energy & we will go from there. These readings can actually be super fun & interesting!

You'll be surprised what comes up when you let spirit talk!!

Time and energy is fluid, making Tarot subject to change according to a persons vibration in any particular moment. As dynamic beings we are constantly ebbing and flowing through various stages, phases, vibrations and timelines, therefore anything and everything is subject to change depending on ones own free will, personal & environmental influences and choices over a situation and thus, a completely accurate prediction cannot be made. For this reason my readings are not to be used solely as predictions and are not designed to tell you anything you don't inherently know within yourself. YOUR personal sense of knowing and intuition is your greatest guide. These readings are to act as confirmations.

This does not mean accurate predictions are not probable and possible, however they will never be the focus of my readings

How do your Tarot readings work?

How do I pay for my reading?

Payment is through the "Book Now" button located at the bottom of each individual Tarot & Astrological readings page


Once you have purchased your reading PLEASE make sure to Email me at

Is Tarot reading, Astrology and Divination in general evil!?

Everybody is entitled to their own opinions however tarot, divination and astrology in my opinion IS ABSOLUTELY NOT EVIL!


I find it upsetting that I still need to address this question nowdays but recently its come to my attention that there are still quite a few misguided people out there who sincerely believe that communicating with spirit through the stars, cards and any form of divination is evil... 

I can assure you as a highly moral and spiritual being, IT IS NOT!


Speaking the language of spirit and the stars is a divine gift that readers and astrologers work hard on mastering. It is not the cards that hold power, it is the person divining them who is reading/interpereting the symbolism, energies and messages that spirit is aiming to portray THROUGH them.


Tarot & astrology can be looked at like a language of the universe. Not everybody can understand it and that's okay.

There is no evil juju attached to using tarot cards or learning astrology for guidance & clarity and personally as a reader I choose to NEVER read energies without someones higher self, angels & guides permission.

I ask that spirit only provides me with healing information and guidance that is beneficial to the recipient of a reading and to their spiritual growth.


It is not cards that can have ill intentions, IT IS PEOPLE who can have ill intentions. 

I use a combination of Tarot and Oracle cards  to intuitively tap in and channel your energy to receive the messages and advice your guides, spirit and your higher self provide for me to offer to you. I film or voice record the reading and either upload it as an unlisted video on Youtube, where I send you the link and only you can see it, or via a voice recording through a file attached in an Email.  

With Youtube readings I advise that you download your reading  as soon as possible as readings will only be avaliable on YouTube for 8 weeks.

Can I purchase a reading for somebody else?

Yes! If you want to purchase a reading as a gift for somebody else you will need to Email me

(make sure you specify the reading as a gift in the subject of your Email)

with both of your details, proof of payment and provide me with the recipients information  and the Email address in which to you would like for me to send the reading.

I will then need to correspond with the recipient of the reading to access their energy and gain clear, accurate and expansive guidance and messages for their questions.  

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