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Down to Earth, honest, loving and practical guidance from the heart

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My Intuitive Tarot & Oracle readings are designed to bring as much truth, clarity & confirmation to your sweet soul as possible

My intention is to empower you 
with a reading that will inspire you into your own personal power and intuition over anybody else's...

I am here to remind you of how magnificent you already are and to offer you loving guidance on how you can best regain this inner knowing within yourself once more, especially if you're feeling a little lost

My mission is to bring you home to yourself

My readings are to offer clarity and guidance yet they also act as an activation deep within your souls memory for who you truly came here to be

If you have been called to my vibration then it is for a reason

I am not for everyone...

You are ready to awaken into the divine embodiment of who you truly are at your core and to live passionately into the highest, healthiest & happiest version of yourself

You my friend, are ready to MASTER YOUR MAGICK!

For all Tarot bookings & enquiries please Email me at 

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