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"Down to Earth, high vibe, honest, practical and deeply loving guidance from the heart"

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My Intuitive Tarot & Oracle readings are designed to bring as much truth, clarity & confirmation to your sweet soul as possible

My intention is to empower you 
with a reading that will inspire you into your own personal power and intuition over anybody else's...

I am here to remind you of how magnificent you already are and to offer you loving guidance on how you can best regain this inner knowing within yourself once more, especially if you're feeling a little lost

My mission is to bring you home to yourself

My readings are to offer clarity and guidance yet they also act as an activation deep within your souls memory for who you truly came here to be

But please do not get me wrong. For Tarot & Astrology to be of benefit to you - you MUST work WITH it. Receiving a reading that you do absolutely nothing about in terms of shifting, changing and aligning things within your own actual life and personality will leave you exactly where you were before. Just with an extra layer of added guilt for being aware of not doing what you know you NEED to be doing...

These readings are for confirmation and clarification. Take what is for you and apply it physically my love

If you have been called to my vibration then it is for a reason

I am not for everyone...

If you are here then you are ready to awaken into the divine embodiment of who you really are at your deepest core. You are making the decision to lean WHOLEHEARTEDLY into living as the healthiest, happiest and most peaceful, loving, vibrant version of yourself that you can be during this wild and beautiful life

You my friend, like many others on this journey are beginning the process of TRULY MASTERING YOUR OWN MAGICK

For any questions & enquiries please Email me at 


“ I was absolutely blown away by the accuracy and parallels she drew the entire time. I would recommend her services to anyone who has hit a crossroad in their lives, anyone yearning to understand a deeper meaning within themselves, or anyone who just wants a fun experience. "

Stephen - Canada

"Crystal, The Crystalline Priestess is the ONLY tarot/intuitive reader I trust! When I first met her in person I knew immediately that she’s a genuine person with a pure heart and soul. Crystal is such a big part of my self-love/healing journey and I am forever grateful for our spirits that bring us together 🙏🏻" 

Chey - Australia

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