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Client Testimonials

Joey - Canada - 12/8/2021 

"I can't emphasise enough that THIS IS THE BEST!"


Receiving a video reading from Crystal was absolutely incredible! I don't normally put alot of faith and confidence into tarot results but Crystal was able to pick up on a number of my current-state feelings & apprehensions. At the time, I was experiencing alot of unexpected changes in my life and I was uncertain about the future. I provided Crystal with some generic questions and her reading was incredibly clear, insightful and accurate. She delivers extremely helpful advice, without any knowledge of what problems are currently plaguing the mind. She does this with grace, confidence and humour. The humour is the best and most surprising part of the entire amazing experience! Crystal provides an "optional" addition to the reading where she can swear like a sailor, jokes and laughs throughout the whole reading.
I cannot 
emphasise enough that THIS IS THE BEST! Crystal provided me with a tarot reading a couple of months ago and looking back now she was unbelievably accurate in her response to my questions. I will get a reading every month for the rest of my life! If you are not a tarot believer, Crystal will still provide the entertainment value over-and-above your greatest expectations. The bonus is that she'll be right and you'll look for her advice in the future!

Stella- Australia- 30/09/2021 

"I was so taken back by her accuracy and her insight!!"


So...this amazing woman did a reading for me yesterday and I was so taken back by her accuracy and her insight!! She gave me so much clarity and validation and helped me to trust my own feelings, it has helped me understand certain things and why they panned out the way they did. I can now bring closure to certain things in my life and. move forward with clarity. If you're wondering "should I?" 
I say go for it. If you're unsure about anything in your life, frustrated or just need clarification and validation, I highly recommend this lovely spirit, her energy is so bubbly & warm it excites you and you cannot help but be drawn to her.Than you so much once again Crystal! From my heart to yours!! ❤️

Ngaire- QLD, Australia- 21/10/2021 

"Crystal is FUN, has a laugh and isn't afraid to be completely herself, which in turn, reminds you that it's okay and GOOD to be completely yourself too!!"


If you need a reading or someone to re-inspire you, I highly recommend Crystal, The Crystalline Priestess. She goes above and beyond to bring you exactly what you need to hear in a way that leaves you feeling confident and excited. She helps you remember your own potential and adds some really lovely touches like channeled songs. Crystal is FUN, has a laugh and isn't afraid to be completely herself, which in turn, reminds you that it's okay and GOOD to be completely yourself too. YOU'RE AMAZING CRYSTAL! PURE FREAKING MAGIC. THANK YOU! ✨🦋🦄💖

Riana- Australia- 26/11/2021 

"So many wow and resonating moments throughout the entire video and exactly what I needed moving into this next stage of my life"

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This reading with Crystal was absolutely an enjoyable and fun process! It is so nice to have a reading done from someone who feels relatable, fun and positive. Also love the fact that she doesn't come across as this extremely out there or "better" than others type of person, but someone who is on our level and ready to talk about our journeys and spiritual vibes, relating experiences that she's been through on her own journey, all the while being confident with what she is saying, who she is, while adding humour and a sense of fun and excitement to her words. The passion truly coming through. So many wow and resonating moments throughout the entire video and exactly what I needed moving into this next stage of my life. Key words she used literally being in my thoughts the past few weeks! The addition of songs too was a lovely touch 🌙 Highly reccommend this beautiful girl and will definitely be getting another 💛💛💛

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