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The Crystalline Priestess
Youtube Channel

Welcome my dear friend! 

Here you will find free Astrology horoscopes, Zodiac and general Pick a Card readings on a vast range of topics along with my own personal growth journey, matters of health, lifestyle & spirituality related content 


This channel is an expression of all of my favourite things and of all of the magick and wisdom I have gained through embracing the path of Astrology and my own innate, divine feminine power.

From Tarot & Astrology to Yoga, sacred sensuality, shadow work and womb healing, to nourishing food, natural health, art & activism coupled with deep ancestral healing and reintegration, this channel is my creative expression


For so long I have dreamed of being a creator

I made my first Youtube channel back in 2008 at 12 years old ( which was a bad idea, lets just say things didn't quite go well with my much cooler school chums.. lol)


But I learned a lot 

Its taken me a very long time to reclaim my voice, to find my confidence, to find myself again and to face my fears of being seen and publicly expressing myself creatively but I'm here now and I'm ready to share


This channel, all of my creations and this business is me choosing to finally face my fears and follow my dreams and intuition

Thank you for being here with me on this journey. I appreciate you


As I have been healed and inspired by the many beautiful and divine souls & creators that have shared themselves, their stories, their hearts, their light, their guidance and their truths before me, I hope that you too, may gain some form of guidance, enjoyment, fun, entertainment, healing, love and inspiration from me


I hope that you have as much fun and get as much enjoyment out of watching my videos, as I have in making them

I have dreamed of openly expressing myself creatively for such a long time

Thankyou for tuning into my shenanigans 

I appreciate you from the depths of my heart and I thank you for your support here on my journey

May we honour, embrace, respect and love each other always, as we each walk in our humble, individual paths of truth and sovereignty together,


side by side 

even if we live oceans apart


This is how we are creating our New Earth


All of my love and light



On Wednesdays we wear.....WHATEVER THE FUCK WE WANT!

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