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Acknowledgement to Country, to Spirit and to all of our Ancestors & Guides

Australia Always was and Always Will be Aboriginal Land 

I acknowledge the strong, resilient and resourceful Worimi and Biripi people from the lands in which I was blessed to grow up on, the Dharug people whose lands exist in the strength of my bloodlines and the Butchulla/Batjala people of the Fraser coast region - the true custodians of the incredible land in which I am blessed and privileged to live, love and work upon. I extend my love, gratitude and deep respect to all of my Aboriginal and Torres straight islander brothers and sisters of the past, present and future emerging. I offer my gratitude for the deep Ancestral wisdom, knowledge and presence you keep and have continuously kept as the oldest living culture on Earth.

I also acknowledge the unceasing, sovereign, cultural and spiritual connection that all Aboriginal and Torres straight Islander people have, have always had and will always have to this sacred and stolen land. 


Thankyou for your strength, your resilience and your everlasting spirit. 


I sincerely honour the thousands of years of Ancestors and Elders who have walked before me in order that I may walk freely upon this land

Thank you notes

I would also like to acknowledge, honour, pay my respects to and send my sincere heartfelt thank you to all of my ancestors, spirit guides, spirit animals, angels, galactic & cosmic family, non physical friends, ascended master guides, my higher self & Sophia Goddess herself for the divine messages we are blessed to be receiving here and now through the portal of my being and through the divine celestial language of the stars as our guides. I would also like to extend my deepest heartfelt thank you to all of my spiritual teachers throughout this journey starting with my first true teacher - the original First wave Starseed - my dad. Also, from the bottom of my heart every teacher who has come after him - especially my amazing Yoga Institute teachers - Micheal Demanicour and Lisa Garug - whose teachings have proved to be more useful for me than I could ever have known at 22, even if I didn't use them to become a "Shining Star of a yoga teacher". And most importantly, when it comes to this work - Thank you to all of my incredible Astrological guides - who's dedication and passion for sharing the Art of Astrology with the world has been my biggest inspiration of all. Without the work of David Palmer - The Leo King, Arch Angel Micheal - Thepeacedealer, Candace Marie of Beyond the Veil Tarot & Astrology, Gigi from Fulcrum Ascension services, Steve Judd and many many more incredible teachers and guides I would not have pulled myself out from the lost, dark and confused place I was in and brought myself here. Their Astrological teachings have inspired and changed my life in more ways than I could ever put into words. I thank you all for leading me home again... 

I also ackowledge, send my sincere, loving respect and heartfelt thank you to the guides, ancestors and higher selves of all divine beings drawn to my message, to my vibration and to working with me.

It is an honour to work for and with you spirit

Only energies of pure love, light, truth, integrity and benevolence are permitted to enter this space. Thank you for being here with us and for always providing us with everything that we need.  Always and in all ways God


I am humbled to be of service to you and for you spirit


Thank you 


Thank you, Thankyou 

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