Astrological Chart Readings

“Astrology is a Language. If you understand this language, The Sky Speaks to You” - Dayne Rudhyar

The beauty of understanding yourself from an Astrological perspective 

In the moment that you were born onto this beautiful, wild & strange planet, there was a map to your souls unique human journey, embodiment and evolution taken as a divine living snapshot in the sky

  This map is delicately interwoven between the understanding of your physical reality down here on Earth and the understanding of pure, ancient wisdom that lies within the stars & planets above


The reading of your Astrological birth chart, as well as farther complimentary progressed, Return, synastry & transitory charts allows you the powerful ability to become acutely aware of the lessons, challenges & super powers that you naturally possess as a spiritual being living life inside of a human body and how you can best navigate through the unique terrain that is your personal life

The stars paint a delicate picture and tell a compelling story about our lives that when properly understood can be a powerful tool for creating personal growth and big change within ones life

As above, so below

The study of yourself through the science and art of Astrology achieves incredible insight into all areas of life with genuine precision and accuracy, often guiding the seeker back home into balance and harmony within the self once more

It is through the fascinating study of ones personal Astrology that we are gifted a divine, sacred opportunity to truly learn, know and understand ourselves internally as the truly powerful and divine creator beings that we inartistically are


 It is only through the true knowing, understanding and acceptance of oneself, alongside the personal growth that accompanies such knowledge, that one can return home to themselves once again and move forward into the creation of a life aligned with our higher soul purpose and calling

The Astrological chart readings I offer are designed to bring you as much clarity, confirmation, insight, guidance and personal understanding as possible for you in order that you may feel passionately empowered into living your happiest, most joyful existence on this planet

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An exciting look into your natal & progressed Venus sign & her corresponding house, your 7th House of relationships, the asteroid Juno & any aspects you may have in regards to partnerships & love with details on the type of person your ideal partner could be + advice on how you can best attract this "type" of person


This reading will be taking a detailed look into your sun sign + house, moon sign + house, Pluto sign + house, Lillith sign + house, the energy surrounding your 4th house, early life & childhood experiences, your south node past life energy , your 6th house of health & daily routine, your 12th house of subconscious thoughts & mental health as well as your Chiron sign, house & any important aspects in order to bring forth loving awareness into the spaces within you that feel wounded.  This reading is not for the faint hearted and is designed to help you acknowledge your past pain in order to help heal, transmute & alchemise the energy into future transformation