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“Astrology is a Language and if you understand this language, The Sky Speaks to You” - Dayne Rudhyar

There is a special kind of beauty and profound self acceptance that comes with understanding yourself from an Astrological perspective 

In the moment that you were born onto this beautiful, wild & strange planet, there was a map to your souls unique human journey, embodiment and evolution taken as a divine living snapshot in the sky

  This map is delicately interwoven between the understanding of your physical reality down here on Earth and the understanding of pure, ancient wisdom that lies within the stars & planets above


The reading of your Astrological birth chart, as well as further complimentary progressed, return & transitory charts allows you the powerful ability to become acutely aware of the lessons, challenges & super powers that you naturally possess as a spiritual being living life inside of a human body and how you can best navigate through the unique terrain that is your personal life

The stars paint a delicate picture and tell a compelling story about our lives that when properly understood can be a powerful tool for creating personal growth and big change within ones physical reality

As above, so below

The study of yourself through the science and art of Astrology achieves incredible insight into all areas of life with genuine precision and accuracy, often guiding the seeker back home into a deeper sense of balance and harmony within the self than was previously experienced before

I have learned this firsthand

It is through the fascinating study of ones personal Astrology that we are gifted a divine and sacred opportunity to truly learn, know and understand ourselves internally as the truly powerful and divine creator beings that we inartistically are

Astrology acts as a powerful guide to the inner workings of our unique spirit. It offers us the power to see and know clearly what we incarnated upon this planet to do...

It helps us to see and know ourselves, in ways we may never have been able to accept or understand before

The Astrological chart readings I offer are designed to bring you as much clarity, confirmation, insight, guidance and personal understanding as is possible for you in order that you may feel passionately empowered into living your happiest and most embodied existence on this planet

My readings are designed to ACTIVATE and UNLOCK your divine human potential through the ancient, sacred wisdom and power of your personal astrological placements

You incarnated as who you are, to the place that you were born, to the parents who created your body and to the astrology of that time for a reason my friend

Trust that your life here on Earth right now is REALLY, REALLY important and that we NEED you to be here alongside us as we shift this collective human conciousness

So I ask you..


.Are you ready to unlock, activate and embody the inner wisdom thats been waiting inside of your soul to be joyously unleashed upon this planet as a gift of healing for yourself and others in this lifetime!?

Are you TRULY ready step up and into the strength, sovereignty and sacred power of your ultimate divine human potential?

I think that you are, otherwise you wouldn't be here my love...

Let's dive in

Choose your chart

Chart options

An exciting look through the energy of your year ahead and the brand new cycle that's beginning for you based upon the energy of your current birthday! This reading is designed to help you create the best year ahead for yourself possible


A powerful soul activation to bring forth loving awareness into the spaces deep within you that have been wounded. This chart focuses on the parts of yourself that feel difficult. It is designed to help acknowledge your past pain in order to help you accept, heal & transmute that energy into deep self acceptance, restoration and healing


This reading is all up to you my love!
Do you want to check out the current transits affecting your life right now? Or would you like to have a question you've had on your mind about the placements in your birth chart answered? Essentially, this is an opportunity to pick my brain

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