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You will receive

1 x Pre recorded 60 minute Youtube video sent as an unlisted link that only you & I can access
(2 question limit)

6 x Youtube video links to channelled songs according to your questions or energy

$88.88 AUD

This reading is for when you're ready to get reeeeaallyy, reeeeaally deep on two different topics or questions. Using the powerful Celtic cross spread it is designed to get right down to the core essence of your question with no stone being left unturned

This is a highly in depth exploration into your current energy with a TON of practical guidance in order to help you navigate what it is that you're currently moving through in order to reach your goals with as much grace, joy, peace, alignment and clarity as possible

The aim of this reading is to get right down to the root, core and essence of your asking - With no holding back. We are going to go farther than the questions themselves..
My friend - we are going to go DEEEEEEP... 

All of my readings are designed to help guide you into your greatest joy - whatever that looks and feels like for you. want to leave you feeling stronger than ever, inspired and so f*cking IN LOVE WITH YOUR RADIANT ASS SELF that you have no other choice but to live out your BEST DANG LIFE and THRIVE

I am here to remind you of how beautifully magnificent you already are and I'm here to help guide you into the embodied experience of living PHYSICALLY into your highest truth and fullest potential in THIS powerful lifetime

No topic is off limits in my readings, be it love, career, finances, spirituality or anything in between!

I am here to offer you guidance & clarity on anything, in any area of life



This pre recorded reading will be remotely filmed and uploaded as an unlisted video on YouTube. Once your reading is recorded I will email you with the unlisted video link (only you and I will have access) via the email address you have provided for me at checkout

Both readings will also receive a Youtube link to 6 x channelled songs that spirit and your guides have chosen as extra little messages of love for you 

By clicking the booking & payment options you acknowledge that you have read and understood the disclaimer provided at the footer of this page. You understand that no results are guaranteed and refunds not available under any circumstance. Thank you

 Disclaimers and Terms of service

*when purchasing or connecting with any type of reading with Crystalline Priestess you agree that you have read and understood the terms of serivice*

Although Tarot & Astrology readings are used as a counselling & guidance tool for spiritual growth and personal development, ultimately these readings are to be viewed as and used as a form of entertainment ONLY. 

Tarot & Astrology reading is subject to individual interpretation with constant fluctuations affecting energy, thus should never be taken as absolute, therefore no reading can ever be 100% Accurate. 

My readings DO NOT replace any professional medical, legal, business advice or opinion on ANY occasion. 

Crystal Heavey & CrystallinePriestess is not responsible for any action taken by you in regards to your physical, mental and emotional health, business, legalalities, lifestyles choices, relationship decisions or otherwise. 


Any action taken as a result of my Tarot & Astrology readings is your SOLE responsibility as I have forced absolutely nothing upon you. I take NO legal responsibility for your actions nor ANY liability or responsibility for damages, alleged damages, losses or any other direct or indirect consequences of a clients decisions and or actions, subsequent to, or based upon my readings. The way you interperet my readings is entirely at your own discretion and has nothing to do with Crystal or The Crystalline Priestess. All Tarot and Astrology readings, blog posts, social media posts, podcast interviews, televison media and digital products created by or involving Crystal Heavey of Crystalline Priestess are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. 


My readings depend upon my vessel being healthy, clear, charged, energised, relaxed, and nourished.

The time it takes to receive a recorded reading will be subject to changes according to my schedule. Scheduled live readings are also subject to changes with no warning depending upon my own schedule and personal life. By booking a live reading you agree that the date and time of your reading is subject to change at any point in time depending upon my circumstances. You will always be notified if I am unable to attend a scheuled reading and a new date and time will be chosen with you as soon as possible.  

Refunds are NOT AVAILABLE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. If you require rescheduling of your reading email me with as much time before our scheduled call as possible and we will choose another date and time for you to conduct the reading instead. Don't panic - we will always fit you in again on another day. 

No results can be guaranteed

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