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Celtic cross or intuitive 60 minute spread

A deeply profound reading that will leave you feeling clear, confident and totally F*CKING inspired!


You will receive

1 x 60 minute Youtube video sent as an unlisted link that only you & I can access
(Celtic cross - 2 question limit as each spread will take 30 mins -
Intuitive spread has a 3 x Question limit )


1 x 60 minute scheduled live Zoom call reading

(Celtic cross - 2 question limit as each spread will take 30 mins
Intuitive spread - 3 x Question limit )


4 x Youtube video links to channelled songs according to your questions/energy

Pre recorded video: $120.00  Live Zoom call: $145.00

This reading is perfect if you're ready to go super deep on one or two different topics or questions.
 The Celtic cross gets right to the essence of your question. It is a powerful 10 card spread that has been used for centuries by Tarot readers to find honest truth & clarity and to get right to the heart of what they're enquiring about. This will be a highly in depth exploration of your current questions and energy with a ton of practical guidance

The aim of this reading is to get to your roots. Whether you choose the traditional Celtic cross spread or you opt for a more intuitive approach (where we simply allow the reading to flow) we are going to go DEEP... 

All of my readings are designed to help guide you into your greatest joy - whatever that looks like for you.
want to leave you feeling stronger than ever, inspired and so f*cking in LOVE WITH YOUR RADIANT ASS SELF

I am here to remind you of how beautifully magnificent you already are and I'm here to help guide you into the embodied experience of living in your highest truth and fullest potential

No topic is off limits in my readings, be it love, career, finances, spirituality or anything in between

I am here to offer you guidance & clarity on anything, in any area of life


This reading (both the Celtic cross & intuitive spread) also has the option of an intuitive vibe check in for wherever you're currently at on your path with no questions necessary . I allow my intuition + connection to your guides & higher self to guide us through the entire reading, allowing for anything that wants to come through to be brought up & explored



You can choose between whether you want to schedule a live reading with me (super fucking fun) or receive one done remotely via a video recording

The pre recorded reading will be remotely filmed and uploaded as an unlisted video on YouTube. Once your reading is recorded I will email you with the unlisted video link (only you and I will have access) via the email address you have provided for me

Both readings will also receive a Youtube link to 4x channelled songs (2x per question) that spirit/your guides have chosen as an extra message for you 

* Live readings - your info will be taken when you schedule your reading at purchase 

* Recorded readings - 
Please don't forget to let me know your questions/topics + email address otherwise I can't do the reading for you my love!
You can enter your details here or shoot me an email at


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