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No birth time chart 

Knowing your exact birth time is a privilege that the vast majority of people on Earth don't have. Although it is extremely beneficial to use the exact time you were born to calculate the most accurate chart reading possible, there is still so much understanding that can be gained through the exploration of each planet and it’s sign as well as any important aspects that you have - without it


You will receive

1 x 45+ Minute Youtube video sent as an unlisted link that only you & I can access




1 x 60 Minute scheduled live Zoom call meeting

* schedule your chosen date/time when you purchase your reading




4+ x Youtube video links to channelled songs as extra messages about you/your birth chart

Pre recorded: $90.00 AUD

Live Zoom call: $150.00 AUD

The intention behind this reading is to help you gain a broader, clearer,  more intimate and expansive understanding of yourself, your potential and the meaning behind your astrological placements and how they may express themselves in your reality. There is still so much we can explore and discover within your chart, even if you don’t have the exact moment of your birth

This reading will be a thorough enquiry into who you are at your core, how you can best navigate this human experience, what obstacles & challenges may arise for you, your karmic lessons and what your ultimate direction to find the most peace, joy and fulfilment in life actually is. It is designed to bring you into greater balance, harmony & inner peace within yourself as you come to terms with who you are and who you came here to be on this planet during this MONUMENTAL shift in human consciousness

I use my unique understanding of astrology as well as my strong intuition throughout all of my readings in order to bring you the most genuine, authentic and detailed reading possible

My readings are tools to help guide you back home into the sovereign reclamation of experiencing yourself as all that you can truly be in this important lifetime.

* For the most accurate chart interpretation I highly recommend scheduling a live call so that we can discuss your chart together in real time


* Live readings your info will be taken when scheduling your reading

* Recorded readings - Your details will be taken when adding a reading to the cart


If you have any issues providing me with your information, or if you need some more space to type, you can also enter your details here or shoot me an email at

Video recording

Chart reading delivery

My chart readings will be delivered within 3 - 7 business days from purchase (depending on the current workload I have at the time)

Please be patient with me as I spend alot of time on each reading that I do. I am thorough and committed to delivering to to you the best reading possible in order to bring about your greatest results. This takes a lot of time & dedication to each person on my part. If I need more time to deliver your reading to you, you will be notified ASAP. 

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. I truly appreciate your love & support


By clicking the booking & payment options you acknowledge that you have read and understood the disclaimer provided at the footer of this page. You understand that no results are guaranteed and refunds for recorded readings are not available. Thank you!!!

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