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Inner child healing chart reading

30 minute live Zoom call

  • 30 minutes
  • 111.11 Australian dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

The inner child represents an aspect of yourself or an element of your consciousness that has always and will always be present within you. The inner child represents our lived experiences at different stages of our development. It is the spiritual & emotional culmination of the thoughts, feelings and experiences you had growing up The inner child is the part of us we usually stuff underneath the rug when we "grow up" and life gets too busy. It's the childlike aspect of ourselves that still yearns for fun, freedom of expression, creativity, connectivity, acceptance and love. It is the Artist within. "A creative adult is the child that survived" - Gabor Mate Many of us had difficult childhoods and so our inner children are hurt and therefore our creative expression and our sense of inner wonder, fulfilment and joy is stifled as an adult. A part of our consciousness unbeknownst to us is still operating through the lens of our wounded inner child and if that child is disconnected and needs healing it could wreak havoc in our adult lives by creating painful cycles of repeating past experiences, attracting certain negative energies and participating in patterns of self sabotage. Even if your childhood was all sunshine, rainbows and unicorn farts your inner child still needs your adult nurturing, care, love and attention. We can't ignore the little person within us This reading is an opportunity for you to delve deep into the energy of your "inner child" and "inner teenager" in order to truly hear clearly the messages they have for you and the healing you need in your adult lfe. Using the deeply powerful combination of Tarot & Oracle cards alongside Astrology we can receive clear, potent messages of love, power, truth and healing that can truly help bring awareness, peace and validation to some of our deepest childhood feelings and emotions as well as help to positively propel you forward as the powerful, healthy, healing adult that your inner child needs you to be The beautiful, childlike, innocent part of you who believes in their own dreams, who wants to be seen, heard, honoured, nurtured, loved and accepted by your adult self is ready to SHINE! Inner child healing work can be LIFE CHANGING when you truly connect to the beautiful innermost essence of yourself whilst following the impulses, curiosities and desires of the sweet little child within

Cancellation Policy

If you wish to reschedule your reading please contact me 24 hrs in advance before your reading is scheduled to start. No cancellations. No refunds. All sales are final

Contact Details

In person readings are currently unavliable 19 Brighton Street, Point Vernon QLD, Australia

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